1. How do you determine the final depth on a domestic well?

    Kittitas County Well DrillingFirst, we gather information on the wells in your area by studying our well logs and using past experience.

    Second, we keep up constant communication with our customers and let them make the final decisions. When we run into water we let our customer know and discuss further options. With past experience and well log information we design a water system that fits your exact needs. By doing this we can keep your final cost low and you pay for what you need, not any more.

  2. What happens if I'm in an area known for dry or non-producing wells, what can I do?

    Bach Drilling has always had the best results in these difficult areas throughout Kittitas County. We have the HIGHEST SUCCESS RATE of any well drilling company in Kittitas County and always leave our customers with a usable well. However we do not agree with the "multiple well theory", which is to drill to a certain depth and if you don't have success, start over on a different site. Drilling multiple wells and having only one well that produces is extremely costly. We focus on drilling one well to the best of our ability and having it produce water. With experience and proven construction methods we have demonstrated through out our history of only practicing the highest standards for constructing a well. Bach Drilling believes that your domestic water is the single most important investment, for your property and your family.

  3. How do I start on having a well drilled?

    First, you can contact us by phone or request an online quote. We will then compile information on your area so that you can have an estimate of the final depth and cost of your well.

    Second, Bach Drilling will come out to your property to discuss well site location and to answer any further questions or concerns that you may have. We want our customers informed so that we can take the mystery out of the drilling process and you can understand what is going on at all times. All of our consultation is free of charge.

    Another good tool to use is the Department of Ecology website. On this site you can have an unbiased opinion of the water well construction being done in Kittitas County. This way you the customer can decide which company has the best success in your area.

    Water Issues

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  4. Should I rush to get a water well drilled due to the attempted moratorium in Kittitas county?

    No. Drilling a water well can be an expensive process that nobody should be pressured into. We feel that it is our responsibility to keep our community informed and not let "scare tactics" that surround the issue influence anybody's decision to drill a well. The best way to keep our rights to use exempt wells is information. Our water issues page contains links and information pertaining to the exempt well issue.